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October 29 2017

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Witness 🤦🏾‍♂


anyone else feel like their spirit is ancient and they’ve been carrying the weight of its heartbreak for an eternity

October 28 2017

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I am half Scottish and half Japanese- I hand-sewed this kimono from men’s dress shirts and boxer shorts.

What did she do: THAT
Who is she: THAT BITCH


it doesn’t feel like halloween it’s not gonna feel like christmas it’s not gonna feel like anything the world i live in is a dull empty meaningless void and nothing will make me feel apart of it

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Here’s a reminder for all you ladies.














i hope youre all lying and hyping your cv/resume’s up

i have never gotten an interview and not been offered a job position after it

I mean lets be honest if everyone else is gassing theirs up like no tomorrow and you’re being as honest as you can who th are the recruitment team going to be more interested in

There’s people working in my banks head office with me WITH MUCH MORE EXPERIENCE than me BUT ARE GETTING PAID LESS

we’re doing the exact same job role

the point I’m trying to make here is if you’ve handled finances for a company you’re now what i would call a treasurer my g, if you’ve done admin work you are now a secretary (or as I’ve put Management secretary)

you help some kid with his homework? you’re a private tutor.

keep your bullets points for the job role as concise and important sounding as possible AND ALWAYS EMPHASIS THAT YOURE A TEAM PLAYER IF YOURE GOING TO WORK IN A TEAM.

go into that interview room and get your story straight the night before and remember that interviews are two way conversatons yes they might be grilling you but at the end of it make sure to grill them BACK. do you have any hesitations about my qualifications? my suitability for the job? any feedback on my cv? how long have you been working at this company? do you like it here? whats the work environment like?


“ive never been asked those questions before” / “you were one of the strongest candidates”

throughout the interview emphasise that youre about progression, that you want more responsibilities than you did at your previous job, tell them the hours here are more suitable for me than my last ones were, AND WHEN IT COMES TO SALARY NEGOTIATION its all about continuity. tell them again that it boils down to progression. make up a reasonable figure for how much you were paid in your last role (do your research for how much the industry youre applying to or the role youre applying for pays, base it on that) tell them you expect more than you were previously paid. do not give them a figure. progression is your primary focus, tell them if youre progressing youre happy. leave it at that.


I had an interview yesterday, at the place I’ve been temping, where I busted out the “is there anything about my skills or background that makes you concerned about my fit for this job” question for the first time.

Neither of my supervisors had never gotten it before either. They had to think for a while, and then it turned into them telling me how great I am and what they love about me.

This stuff is real. I would also say: none of it is lying. This is taking experience that you normally downplay and write off, and putting it in accurate words they’ll understand.

It’s hacking the capitalist system. Why ISN’T helping a kid with homework “tutoring”, when the only thing missing is a paycheck?

It’s especially important for anyone who isn’t a cis white man, because many of us are so thoroughly trained to feel like we are not good enough.

Privilege tells people they can fake it, and that they’re good enough just as people and can learn the skills on the job. Abuse and oppression tell people they aren’t good enough as people and that even their high skills are probably below average, and that unless they had the specific job title or were using certain skills officially, nobody will think it counts.

The goal is to at least fake the confidence of a privileged person, to give the employer a chance at seeing the skills that you’ve been trained to undervalue.

I would also say to answer any query of “Have you done [X small task] before?” with “I have, but it’s been a while.” Or, “I have, but it was a slightly different program.”

100% THEY WILL GLADLY WALK YOU THROUGH EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW, and I stress ‘gladly’ because claiming prior knowledge boosts their confidence in your abilities and any slips you make are already covered by your caveat. 

blackstoic may have deactivated their account but this advice is fucking gold and all y’all looking for jobs or who think you might one day need to look for a new job PRINT THIS SHIT OUT AND STAPLE IT TO THE WALL. 

By hating that person, you have lost something very sweet in yourself.
-Sri Chinmoy
— (via virgoassbitch)
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You cannot convince people to love you. This is an absolute rule. No one will ever give you love because you want him or her to give it. Real love moves freely in both directions. Don’t waste your time on anything else.
Cheryl Strayed, Tiny Beautiful Things (via virgoassbitch)


It’s one of life’s great tragedies and comedies that we can have amazing chemistry and fun sexy feelings with people who aren’t actually good partners for us. That “omg this is the BEST” way he makes you feel should be illegal, right? Charisma isn’t the same as character.

(“What should I do when the guy I like ghosts on me?”, Captain Awkward)

“If this sounds cynical, think of it as Sam deciding what she needed: Someone who, at minimum, texts back. Someone who pays attention. Someone who treated her like she was important and not some big interruption to the more important things he had going on. You can’t control your feelings but you can control how many times you leave a door open for someone who isn’t walking through it.“

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Only invest your time and energy into people who invest their time and energy into you

You can’t suck, fuck, cook or love a person into staying with you. If they want to leave they will find their way to the door regardless of what you try to do to keep them around
— Things I learned by 19 (via eccentric-nae )


When my efforts aren’t reciprocated, I fall all the way the fuck back.

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October 27 2017

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pls go to brazil

where is young thug

Please send feet pics

show bobs and vangene

Please excuse the bones

Here Lies Johnny Pisshands

None Pizza Left Beef

dan nicky your bobbies

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i don’t talk about my problems i just reblog relevant text posts

October 23 2017


anyone else feel like their spirit is ancient and they’ve been carrying the weight of its heartbreak for an eternity

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