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June 27 2017


i just wanna go ghost for a few months and come back finer, thicker, and healthier

June 25 2017

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Same honestly.

June 24 2017

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gucci pre-fall 2017

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June 22 2017


this bitch empty




June 19 2017

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June 18 2017

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It makes me happy knowing that we have an entire subgroup of twitter users that prepare some freshly cut pinapple for their significant other before they visit. This is very sweet.

June 11 2017


(sees a child) they have teeth under their teeth they have teeth under their teeth they have teeth under their teeth up in their gums theres hidden teeth up there and under their teeth



Damn, Adam West died. The homie used to punch sharks, b. RIP


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The OG Batman logo will always be the best

June 07 2017




The character of Chief from Wonder Woman was played by Eugene Brave Rock who is from the Kanaii reserve in Southern Alberta. He took the inspiration for his character from real life WWI hero Mike Mountain Horse who is also from southern AB.
In the film Chief greets Diana in Blackfoot. Shortly after they have a conversation about how his people’s land was taken away by Steve’s people.

This is how you have First Nations representation: cast First Nations actors, draw from historical First Nations heroes and if they are going to speak a First Nations language cast someone who is part of that Nation!

He also personally created his whole look. Instead of the costume designer doing what they \think\ a native man would wear. He included things that would have personal significance to his character, not because it looks “Indian” *side-eyes the lone ranger*

This! All of this!!!

June 05 2017

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what it feels like to be air and water dominant

Oh shit ^^

June 04 2017



Please let this be a thing

Do the whole song please

May 31 2017

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which keanu are you today


therapist: how are you feeling today?

me: hmm…12 on the Keanu Mood Scale

therapist: for the last time i have no fucking idea what that means 

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This is the crystal hand of prosperity. Reblog in 300 seconds to have a year of good money management and raises.

May 29 2017



Artist Hank Schmidt travels to scenic locations only to paint the pattern on his own shirt.

chaotic neutral

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